About Us

Leigh Country™ is committed to providing superior quality, competitive pricing, attentive service, and original designs. Our goal is to build value in everything we do for each and everyone one of our customers.

Superior Quality

Our furniture is carefully designed and built for easy assembly and tested for intended use before it is sold to our customers. Our products are tested before they ship out because we know that a superior quality product will keep our customers coming back!

Competitive Pricing

We keep our price competitive so that our dealers can pass on the savings to their customers!

Attentive Service

We understand that when our dealers do well, we do well. For this reason, our team members are committed to helping our dealers and their customers with whatever is needed.

Original Designs

We understand that “me too” products clutter the market. This is why we continue to expand our product line by creating and reinventing products combining old rustic designs with today’s changing demands. Whether you own small shop or a large chain of retail stores, we promise to find value for every type of dealer.

Leigh Country™ is and will remain committed to Authentic Country™ Living. Leigh Country™ and its series; Char-log®, Aspen, and Country Cooler are products of United General Supply Co., Inc.